Intégration dans votre process / Conseil et formation

uo, Li Minhao, Yu Chenghao, Song Zhongji, An Zhai Amazon Certification Xian. Most of these people are related to Jinxiu, and age is similar, not too much old age, which the club brothers needless to say, every time to join in dedicated. Which Li Minhao is the same time with their level of new people, although not into the club, but also considered quite affectionate, and Jinxiu also had a lot of interaction, acting also received Jinxiu mention point, so a word of things The Li Zhongshuo is Liu Yaren recruited, Jinxiu, although he did not h.ave much relative, but still specifically thanks to some. Amazon Song Zhongji is Jinxiu invited Li Guangzhu invited, and which also gave birth to the story of laughing and crying, Li Guangzhu must come together Amazon it exam to join in the fun, but Jinxiu Jinxiu with the idea of different, and finally reluctantly reported his list of invitees , Li Guangzhu this bitterly. This is what people ah, do not go to their own really become a squid The other Li Yuyu, Park Baojian, An Zhai Xian, Yu Chenghao not to mention, Jinxiu be their brother, but also Y.u Chenghao and Anzai Xian directly under the predecessors, do not have to say hello, do not call a direct line will not work. As for the golden concept

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AWS-SYSOPS AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Amazon AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate
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